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  • Why Choose Us
    We have set very high standards to perform laser refractive surgery. We do not compromise in anything from Laser machine to consumables in the interest of patients. Read more...
  • Dr. Parimal Desai
    Dr Parimal Desai Is the director and the chief surgeon of Ashirwad Children and Eye Hospital, Maninagar and Cure Sight Laser Centre. He is the pioneer of Refractive Read more...
  • Myths About lasik
    Myth Will it be difficult to get my cataract operated after my Lasik Laser procedure.
    Fact Lasik Laser is conducted in CORNEAL STROMA

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Dr. Parimal Desai Receives Dr. B.C. Roy National Award


Patient experience...

From the very young age I was so dependent on the lenses and glasses. After yesterday’s surgery I am so happy that I am not dependent on any lenses and feel independent and so happy to have a clear vision without any help.
So, thanks to Dr. Parimal Desai and the entire team, we appreciate a lot. It probably started from 10 or 12 years of my age when my vision was not clear and after so many years, it’s a totally different world. Thank you very much.