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Dec 17


Astigmatism Is Completely Curable With LASIK Procedure

LASIK treatment is one of the effective methods of curing various types of refractive error. Astigmatism is a common ailment caused by irregularly shaped cornea. People face immense difficulty due to it. There can be many versions of the disease, but LASIK has been greatly effective in getting rid of it quickly, safely, and permanently.

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is nothing but a vision problem caused by changed shape of the cornea. In the normal condition, our cornea looks like baseball. However, when it loses its normal shape and becomes irregularly shaped then light rays can’t focus at a single point on the retina. Obviously, it results in improperly focused images, blurred vision, distorted vision, or multiple images. It is quite irritating problem that drastically hampers the normal life. In the earlier days, it was considered an irreversible problem and patients had to spend entire life with improper vision. However, advancement in surgery with modern technical methods makes it completely curable.

Types of Astigmatism

As per experts, it can be classified in various categories:

  • Myopic: In this condition patients can see nearby objects easily, but unable to see objects that are at some distance.

  • Hyperopic: Patients can see far objects clearly, but unable to see objects that are very close.

  • Mixed: It s the most complex condition where patients can’t see nearby as well as far objects clearly. The condition is the most difficult to cure with conventional methods.

  • Irregular: It is a rare type of Astigmatism where corneal abnormality is not inherent, but caused by external reasons like injury, surgical process, or Keratoconus (a progressive corneal disease).

  • Lenticular: In this problem, Astigmatism is caused by irregular shape of the eye, not just cornea.

How is LASIK the most appropriate procedure for curing Astigmatism?

LASIK is an excellent treatment for corneal Astigmatism. However, an expert Ophthalmologist can only determine whether a patient is suitable for Laser eye surgery or not. General health condition, general eye health, and diagnostic procedures determine eligibility of a patient.

When people discuss with doctors about the treatment of Astigmatism, nowadays LASIK surgery always pops out as a prominent treatment method. Those who qualify as the right patient for this treatment receive incredible benefits. Not only it treats vision abnormalities or shortcomings, but boosts up the confidence of the patient in every area of life. When a surgery happens successfully, there is no need of putting contact lenses on or wearing awful specs. However, it is greatly important that the ophthalmologist must talk to the patients about a few critical things:

  • Cost: It is a costly procedure as compared to routine procedures. Hence, patients must know it beforehand about the approximate expenses. Sometimes people get attracted t lucrative claims made by substandard doctors that compromise heavily on the quality. The fact becomes more important because it is an out-of-pocket expense generally. Insurance companies do not cover LASIK because they think it is a cosmetic surgery. Hence, it is a critical aspect.

  • Pain: LASIK is a surgical procedure and like any other procedure there is a pain after operation. Doctors are supposed to tell about it upfront. Though the pain is not unbearable, and painkillers can be prescribed, it is always better giving a hint upfront.

  • Qualifying process: Every person suffering from the problem of Astigmatism is not a suitable person for LASIK treatment.  Hence, surgeons have to perform a qualifying round before taking the final call. If there are other complexities along with Astigmatism, then a detailed investigation is required. Doctors also set expectations properly so that there is no dismay afterward. Patients should be warned about the rare possibility of achieving mediocre (or sometimes marginal) improvement after LASIK surgery.

What sports can I enjoy after LASIK procedure for Astigmatism?

Sports lovers face a great difficulty while playing with contacts or specs on. Vision correction through LASIK surgery gives a great freedom to those who feel that poor vision impedes their ability to shine brightly in their favorite sport.  With this painless and fast surgical process, great results come in the minimum possible downtime.  Dramatic improvement can be seen in just one or two days post surgery.

Statistics reveals that more than 99 percent people achieve 20/20 vision after the procedure.  The majority of people can get rid of dependence on contact lenses or glasses. They can enjoy their favorite sports that were just a dream for them prior to surgery.  Experts say that various sports can be enjoyed after LASIK procedure.


Unclear vision due to Astigmatism hampers a lot for those who like to take part in sports like sprint. Glasses slip from the nose due to sweating and contact lenses gets dry while sprinting.  Multiple images or blurred vision make it impossible to concentrate. LASIK surgery relieves from all the hassles and people can enjoy their favorite sports without any difficulty.


Swimmers can’t put on contact lenses while swimming.  Sometimes they get washed away and sometimes they cause irritation. When people have heavy power lenses, swimming can be very difficult due to unclear vision.

Basketball or other sports

People who play basketball, football or Rugby find it very difficult with poor vision. Absurd looking goggles or specs can be very much frustrating. There are chances of getting infected with contagious diseases. LASIK surgery not only gives the freedom from glasses or lenses, but they bring unbelievable easiness because of proper vision.

Scuba diving, parasailing, and other adventurous activities

Those who love to test the nerves by challenging tasks like Scuba diving or Parasailing get immense freedom after LASIK surgery. Since they no longer need contact lenses or specs, there is no risk of damage to the eyes due to atmospheric pressure, water temperature or high chlorine concentration. Sometimes contact lenses get suctioned in the eyes because of high pressure.

The decision of LASIK for Astigmatism depends ultimately on the patient and the Ophthalmologist. A good doctor looks the problem from all possible perspectives before suggesting a treatment process.