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Jan 1


Bust The Myths Of LASIK Surgery And Step-In To The Beautiful World With A Clear Vision

Among all elective eye surgeries, LASIK surgery is one of the most preferred one. Because of painless and quick surgical process and fast recovery, many people want to go for it. However, many people do not dare to select it because of numerous myths and preconceived notions about it. Quite often, incorrect or inflated information given by others may adulterate people’s minds.  Though advertisements claim 20x20 vision in 99.99% successful operations, there are several horrifying stories around where, developed serious complications, required heavy power glasses or even lost their vision after going for it. As a result, many people want to rely on contact lenses or specs instead of getting operated.

I am scared with Lasers

Among most prominent myths fear factor captures very high rank. However, it is a scientifically proven fact that there are almost negligible chances of getting any harm by Laser surgery. Expert surgeons use it with extreme precision and care. Advanced technical procedures and sophisticated techniques of damage control make it highly successful and safe surgical procedure. As per statistics 1 in 1000 cases may develop minor complications, and that too can be handled effectively. In very rare cases there are irrecoverable complications. Hence, there is no need to be skeptical or fearful about the procedure. In fact, there are no scars, no antibiotics or painkillers after a LASIK procedure. It is simple, safe, and quick in comparison of conventional methods.

There are a lot of side-effects

Like any other medical or surgical procedure, LASIK surgery is not fully free from side-effect. However, the risk can be minimized by extensive pre-operative procedures, assessing symptoms properly and taking proper post-surgical care. Dry eyes of haloes around bright sources of light are the most common complaints. Both can be treated well by medication. In the majority of cases, problems disappear within a few days. Modern keyhole procedures make it totally flapless where the risks are further reduced. With a minimum possibility of infection and post-procedure complications, it relieves the tension of those who want to undergo LASIK procedure for better vision.

It is very costly procedure

Undoubtedly, any laser surgery is expensive than the conventional procedures. However, the additional money spent gets compensated due to incredible easiness. Most of the patients prefer it because of early recovery and less disruption to the normal life. Some hospitals offer exceptionally low prices but with some riders. Patients must look for the reasons of price reduction. Is there any cutback in services?  Do they make some post-operative services chargeable?  Bargain hunting is certainly not recommended in case of eye surgery; still one can’t go extravagantly for a procedure.  Clinics with high reputation are usually costlier than lesser-known ones.

It is greatly inconvenient

Though everyone knows that LASIK surgery is a painless procedure, some patients get influenced by negative propaganda. When they hear about extraordinarily inflated painful and scary experiences of some distantly known (or sometimes unknown) friend, colleague, or relative; they think it is a terrible procedure with a great inconvenience, discomfort, and pain.  Some people are net-savvy and believe in Googling about anything under the sun. A few generic advices or exceptionally complicated cases become popular in the social media without any relevance. As a result, they get worried. As a matter of the fact, 99% people resume their work the next day after an approval from the surgeon.

It affects contrast sensitivity badly

Contrast sensitivity is the ability of distinguishing an object clearly from its background. Naturally, we have it up to a great extent. However, factors like aging, diabetes, or cataracts reduce it greatly. It is not possible to distinguish between objects with a low contrast difference (e.g. white foreground and gray background or vice-a-versa.) In very rare cases, LASIK surgery affects crispiness or contrast sensitivity temporarily. There is no need to worry about it because of two reasons. Firstly, it is not permanent in nature. Secondly, the reduction is very minimal. Good quality surgeons use precise methods of operation so that there is a minimum loss of crispiness.  They conduct pre-operative tests determine the condition of night vision prior to the surgery. Based on the findings, treatment can be planned.

There are great chances of complications

Again, it is a matter of individual perception.  A large number of people avoid laser-based treatment because they feel that there are chances of complications after surgery.  Undoubtedly, there are chances of complications. However, doctors take sufficient measures to reduce the probability to almost negligible.  With an incredibly low percentage of 1 in 1000 cases, it can be termed as one of the safest surgeries today. As far as the probability of going blind is concerned, it is as low as 1 in 5 million. Risk factors should be discussed before surgery so that treatment can be planned accordingly. An ophthalmic surgeon takes utmost precaution and cares to mitigate the risk completely. These procedures expose existing problems or chances of developing complexities after the surgery.


Eye surgeons underline the need of extensive research. It is not a decision taken in a hurry.  So called “big deals” or “lucrative discounts” may save a few bucks, but there is a big risk if the doctor or clinic is not up to the mark.  A cut-price offer may have some hidden costs making it at par with expensive offers at the end of the day. It is important to do extensive fieldwork and collect as much information as possible through reliable sources.  If possible, meet a few people who have undergone a similar procedure.

Seeking help from friends or colleagues would be the most effective method. Searching online information on blogs, forums or opinion sights could be authentic and genuine nowadays.  Checking the success rate and satisfaction of patients may throw a lot of information about their skill level and expertise.  Meet the doctor and get every minor doubt clarified by them. Bust the myths by collecting genuine official information and enter the world of clear vision and healthy eyes after LASIK procedure.