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Mar 23


Retinal detachment is a problem associated with eyes when the retina separates from the backside. It can be understood well with an analogy of wallpaper getting peeled off. In most of the cases, retinal detachment is an emergency that needs immediate intervention of an ophthalmologist. There are diff. ...

Feb 18


Seasonal allergies are inherently troublesome, but they become totally unbearable if you are a contact lens user.  Doctors say that seasonal allergies cause a lot of itching in the eyes and make them watery. Hence, those who wear a plastic on the cornea face utmost difficulty. In addition to it, the. ...

Feb 16


Keratoconus Intacs is a single day procedure performed in the OPD section. Eyes are numbed by putting anesthetic drops, and lid holder is applied to the eye to prevent blinking. Surgeon creates a thin channel within the cornea to insert Intacs with the help of high-speed Femtosecond Laser beam. Then,. ...

Jan 30


The method brings an excellent combination of RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange) and PRK or LASIK to get rid of the dependency on visual aids. Surgeons prepare the flaps before performing the RLE procedure. It brings an immediate visual rehabilitation and recovery. The implants can be single or multifoca. ...

Jan 23


Squint Eye or Strabismus is one of the common problems in kids.  It is also called cross eye or wall eye. There is a natural squint in the eyes of infants because the eyes do not have an alignment at the time of birth. It gets stabilized automatically after some time. However, if the squint is more . ...