Leading Eye Surgeon For Refractive surgery in India - Dr. Parimal Desai

Doctors At Cure Sight

Dr. Arun Bhade

Dr. Arun Bhade who is the senior most ophthalmic surgeon of the city is specializing in Refractive and Phaco. surgery. He has brilliant academic career and is brain behind this centre. He has the nick and grit of handling difficult cases in Refractive surgery. He has participated in many scientific program as well as conferences as speaker/chair person in field of refractive surgery. He has conducted many workshops in Refractive surgery.

Dr. Ashish Bhojak

Dr. Ashish Bhojak is a very good Lasik surgeon. His approach towards patients is very scientific, human, Kind and is very thorough in his knowledge in refractive surgery. His topographic, Pentacam as well as wave front mapping interpretations set standards so high that it gives us edge over other centres in terms of results. He is master in Lasik Laser procedure, Cataract surgery, Keratoconus treatment and Pterygium surgery.

Dr. Jignesh Shah

Dr. Jignesh Shah has very good grip over the subject. His surgical skill and knowledge in refractive surgery are very good. He performs cataract surgery, Pterygium, as well as squint surgery at our centre.

Dr. Apoorva Dutt

Dr. Apoorva Dutt is a ace cataract surgeon. He performs wonderful cataract surgery by Phaco. method with IOL implantation. He has performed thousands of Monofocal IOL implantation, Multifocal IOL implantation, Toric IOL implantation at our centre.
He is master in ICL implantation and glaucoma surgery. He also performs Laser Refractive surgery.

Dr. Ankit Bhavsar

Dr. Ankit regularly performs squint surgery and oculoplasty surgery at our centre.