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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q  Can anybody undergo this treatment?
A   Yes, the ideal candidate for Lasik is over 18 years of age and should have stable number.

Q  How many numbers can be removed?

A   Numbers can be removed as follows:

  • Myopia: -1.00 D Sph. to -15.00 D Sph.
  • Hyperopia: +1.00 d Sph to +6.00 D Sph
  • Astigmatism: +1.00 D Cyl to +6.00 D Cyl
  • Mixed Astigmatism
  • For thin corneas and high numbers Lepto Lasik and EPI-Lasik Laser procedure is performed.

Q  Does the patient have to stay at hospital?

A   No, walk in, walk out.

Q  Do I require any check up before Lasik Laser procedure?

A   Yes, Investigation before the Lasik procedure.

  • Slit lamp examination
  • Autoref.examination
  • Cycloplegic Refraction
  • Corneal Topography.
  • Pachymetry
  • Tonometry
  • Fundoscopy
  • Abberometry for Wave front
  • Pentacam-HR
  • Sehirmer Test

Q  How long is the Lasik procedure?

A   The entire procedure takes 6-8 min. It takes only 1.40 seconds to remove 1 number.

Q  Is there any chance of refractive error coming back?

A   No, the success rate of this procedure is 99 %.

Q  What are the methods for laser vision correction?

A   The methods are:

Bladeless OptiLasik, PRK, Lasik Laser, Wavefront method, Tissue saving method, Lepto Lasik method, EPI – Lasik method, F- Cat, T-Cat, Costume – Q, Topolink method, ICL Implantation, Multifocal Lens implantation, INTACS.

Q  If patient moves his/her eye, during the procedure, does it affect the results?

A  Due to eye tracker if patient moves his/her eye, laser beam also moves according to the movement of the eye. Therefore, it does not affect the result.

Q  What type of food can I have after the procedure?

A   You can have all types of food products. This procedure has no relation to the intake of food.

Q  Should I be wearing sunglasses after the procedure?

A  There is no need to wear sun glasses when you are at home or in office. You have to wear it while travelling on a two wheeler, auto rickshaw or by bus.

Q  When can I read and work on a computer?

A   You can resume to work and your routine from the very next day.

Q  Do I get cataract due to laser vision correction?

A   No, laser vision correction does not cause cataract.

Q  Can I get operated for cataract after laser procedure?

A   Yes, you can.

Q  Will my eyes have squint or cancer or will I have a small eye after laser vision correction?

A   No, laser procedure is absolutely safe and it does not cause any of these.

Q  For how many months before procedure should the number be stable?

A   After the age of 20 years the number usually becomes stable. It is necessary that about at least 6 months the number should be stable before procedure.

Q  Are prescribed drops/medication necessary after laser?

A  Yes it’s a must that you follow advice as per given by the doctor.

Q  Do you perform lasik surgeries daily?

A   No, our operating days are Tuesdays and Fridays only.