Leading Eye Surgeon For Refractive surgery in India - Dr. Parimal Desai

Our Mission


Our mission is super vision free from glasses and contact lenses.


Unique eyes should be treated in unique way.


We want to provide state of the art technology best of the best in the world at affordable price.

Director’s Message

Dear Friends,

The philosophy at Cure Sight Laser Centre is that our patients should get the best treatment of their eyes by the most experienced doctors in the world with best of the best and the most modern equipments in the world at affordable price in patient friendly environment. The smile on our patient’s face is more than a million dollars to us.

Our motto is human touch with kind heart and sympathetic approach equally for rich and poor and nobody should be denied treatment at our centre for want of money.
Due to this our centre is rapidly becoming a destination for BEST EYE CARE matching international standards due to high quality professional care executed at reasonable and affordable rates.

We believe in high quality & personalised patient care.