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Dec 9


Do The Effects Of The LASIK Surgery Last Forever?

People undergoing LASIK surgery are mostly worried about the longevity of the effects. Everyone wants to know whether the benefits are everlasting, or there is a need of repeating it? Experts say that in general the results are permanent because vision correction is obtained through changing the curvature of the cornea. The altered (or improved) shape lasts forever. However, surgeons say that it is highly important that the vision has stabilized before the procedure. In case of Adolescence Myopia, the number frequently changes till the age of 20 to 25. Hence, LASIK procedure performed before 25 may need a recurrent procedure after a few years.

In some cases the procedure doesn’t obtain desired results in spite of performing it after stabilization of the vision. Doctors suggest one more round (typically called “an enhancement surgery”) in such cases.  Once the desired outcome is achieved, it lasts forever. Some people feel that the LASIK procedure eliminates the need of reading glasses, but it is not true.  Presbyopia or difficulty in seeing nearer objects clearly is a typical vision problem arises after 40’s. Reading glasses are most likely necessary even after the treatment. Sometimes people develop Type-2 diabetes, corneal disorders or Glaucoma. Vision problems caused by these ailments need separate treatment.

Even if there are some exceptions mentioned above, LASIK is still one of the most effective surgical procedures for everlasting results. Interestingly, this treatment can bring some additional benefits over and above correcting vision.

Some additional benefits  you never expected from LASIK procedure!

Believe it or not, but LASIK surgery comes out to be a blessing for many patients who suffer various eye ailments. This procedure not only corrects their vision abnormalities, but brings significant relief to other issues as well. Though everybody is not fortunate enough, the majority of patients vouch for it.

  • Relief in allergic symptoms: A significant percentage of patients confirm about reduction in allergic symptoms post recovery of LASIK surgery. Problems like persistent itching and running nose get reduced, and there is a relief from headache in many people.  Sinus pain reduces a lot and running nose also stops after some days. Those who need not wear contact lenses after the treatment get relief from redness and irritation.

  • Improvement in the peripheral vision: Those who get rid of glasses find astonishing improvement in peripheral vision. Glasses correct the straight vision, but sideway glance is always blurred. One has to move the head for vision clarity. LASIK procedure not only corrects the error, but enhances total vision clarity.

  • Improved night vision: People talk cheerfully about enhanced night vision because there are no more glasses. Those who were contact lenses before surgery do not need them anymore. Hence, there is no dryness or fuzzy vision in the nighttime.  Very rarely, people complain about haloes or glare around light sources during the night after LASIK procedure. The problem is temporary and disappears after some time.  Because of absence of glare, there is great comfort in driving, playing and other activities.

  • Additional sight improvement: Those who are suffering from hyper myopia (or astigmatism in a few cases) gain additional vision after LASIK procedure. This problem is fundamentally related to refraction error of cornea that gets corrected during LASIK procedure. Therefore, patients need not wear glasses at all, or there is noteworthy reduction in the number.

However, it is a fact that each person has a different anatomy. Hence, similar improvement can’t be expected for everyone. General health condition, lifestyle, and age affect the results. Additional benefits of LASIK vary from person to person.

How to find a great LASIK surgeon?

Though LASIK surgery becomes quite popular nowadays, finding a good quality surgeon is highly important. Always make sure that an effective and safe procedure can be carried out by a proficient surgeon who has handled a variety of cases. A number of resources are available for it.

Do not get thrilled with low cost: In the world of propaganda, many people get lured to exciting offers and discounted prices. Though some surgeons work on the minimum profit basis and do a large number of surgeries to compensate the loss (economy of scales), it is not true in every case. Sometimes, they claim fewer prices in the advertisement but there are various hidden charges.  You must keep in mind that LASIK is a highly technical procedure, and proficiency of the doctor plays a tremendous role in it. Decision to choose the right doctor depends on multiple factors like reputation, practice, technical expertise and quality of equipment. Backing on price alone is not a great strategy.

Technology is the prime aspect: Talk to the surgeon and discuss the technology (even if you do not know about it) because it is important. Your surgeon must explain various procedures, their pros and cons and the one he will be using in your case. Is it the latest method? Is it safe and reliable? Has the doctor performed a number of operations earlier using the technology? Is it possible to take some references? Is the doctor approved by the authorities?  If you are fully convinced about all the information, then only go ahead.

Search for word-of-mouth: Talk to friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors or everyone you feel to do so. Seek for people who have undergone a similar procedure recently. How much time it takes for the surgery? What are the after-effects? How is the doctor? Does he attentive enough? Does he present during the whole procedure or come only when required? Is the hospital well-equipped? How much does it cost approximately? Is the hospital covered under medical insurance plan you have?

Log on to the Internet: In today’s world, the Internet is a handy tool for searching any information of your interest. Browsing through the list of LASIK surgeons available on the web can be greatly helpful. Normally, all doctors have an online presence with web pages highlighting their expertise, practice and testimonials of the patients. They also talk about technology and treatment methodology.  Some doctors mention their educational details, accreditations, and professional experience as well.

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    Good article. Thanks for sharing the benefits of LASIK. Many people still doubt the security of the LASIK operation. But I think it depends on our confidence in the clinic that handles LASIK surgery. Because there are many benefits that can be obtained from LASIK itself.