Know About LASIK

Why Lasik ?

  • Intolerance To Contact Lens: Patient develops intolerance to contact lenses by wearing them for a longer period of time. Patient gets watering, redness, infection, irritation and pain due to lenses. They are difficult to maintain and also after a while it creates lots of problems in the eyes of the wearer. There are many limitations for the person wearing it and they are costly in long term usage.
  • Patient with glasses face lots of problem in procuring job or getting married.
  • Patients with glasses has problem with playing outdoor sports like cricket, football, tennis, swimming etc.
  • Patient feels less attractive and older with glasses.
  • Patient loses his/her confidence with glasses. They face personality issues.

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What is Lasik ?

Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis or Lasik, is most performed refractive surgery in the world.

  • In Lasik the eye surgeon uses a microsurgical instrument called microkeratome/ Femtosecond Laser FS 200 (Bladeless) to create the corneal flap and Excimer Laser (EX 500 world’s fastest Laser) to reshape the cornea according to patients refractive error in such a way that the rays are focused on the retina automatically without the help of glasses or contact lenses.
  • More than 8-9 million eyes are operated every year by Lasik Laser worldwide.
  • It is the safest method in which there is
    • no pain,
    • no injection
    • no dressing and the procedure is of few seconds only.
  • Patient can resume his/her work from the very next day.
  • Lasik is an outpatient surgical procedure used to treat myopia (Near Sightedness), hyperopia (Far Sightedness) and Astigmatism.
  • Lasik eliminates your dependence on glasses and contact lenses.
  • Almost every patient achieves normal vision after Lasik Laser procedure.
  • Patient can read, write, work on computer, travel, cook, watch T.V., go for a movie, and drive his /her vehicle and take shower or head bath from the very next day.
  • Lasik corrects distant vision only .The patients over 40 years of age may require reading glasses after lasik laser procedure.

How is lasik done?

LASIK is performed with the patient sleeping on the couch in operation theatre.

First the eye numbed with a few drops of topical anaesthetic agent. These drops may sting for the 1st time after that, eye speculum is placed between the eye lids to keep them open and prevent patient from blinking.

A SUCTION RING is placed on the patient’s eye in case of conventional lasik laser procedure, which flattens the cornea and keeps he patient’s eye steady. At this point of time patient may feel slight pressure on his or her eye and may have blurred vision temporarily.

An automated microkeratome is attached to the suction ring in case of lasik, as the microkeratome moves across the cornea the patient will hear a buzzing sound.

The microkeratome stops at a PRESET POINT and creates a hinged flap of paper thin corneal tissue.

The micro keratome and the suction ring are removed from the patient’s eye; the flap is lifted and folded back.

As the flap is lifted the patients vision becomes blurred the laser programmed with measurements customized to patient’s eye is than centred above the eye.

In all cases EYE TRACKER is used to keep the laser centered on PUPIL during surgery.

Patient is asked to look into the GREEN FIXATION LIGHT, while the laser reshapes the corneal tissue. After laser has completed reshaping the cornea, the surgeon places the flap back in the position and smoothens the edges.

The flap adheres on its own with rest of the cornea in 2-3 minutes.

Patient can resume his/her work from very next day.

Femto-LASIK is a ‘bladeless procedure’ or ‘bladefree procedure’ where only laser system is used to create the corneal flap. It is thus a more precise, predictable and safe method for creating the corneal flap as compared to the conventional microkeratome (‘blade’) flaps.
In addition to the increased safety during surgery, Femto-LASIK flaps have vertical edges which ensure quicker and stronger healing as compared to microkeratome flaps which have sloping edges.
This translates into a much less risk of displacement of the flaps in case of inadvertent injury to the eye. Quality of vision (i.e. crispness, contrast etc) is also superior with Femto-LASIK because of the uniformly thick flaps and the smooth corneal bed.

Where as in blade free lasik, femto second laser is used to create corneal flap.
The patient sleeps on the couch of the femtosecond laser unit (FS200).
The couch moves under the laser delivery system.
Patient’s eye is opened by a speculum.

After that the patient is instructed to focus his eye into the white ring.

A SUCTION CUP from a sterile pack is place on the cornea of the patient’s eye.
It stabilises and holds the eye.
After that a PI (patient interface) is inserted into the slot of laser delivery system. If everything is in position the computer of the laser delivery system commands the doctor to proceed further and DOCKING OF PI is conducted.

After the DOCKING is completed, the computer sends the signal to start LASER to create the corneal FLAP. The doctor presses the foot switch and corneal flap is created within 6 SECONDS ONLY. Suction automatically goes off and the suction cup as well as PI is removed from the patient’s eye.

After completion of flap one eye same procedure is performed on other eye.
When flaps of both the eyes are created the couch automatically moves under eximer laser machine EX500
The BLADE FREE flaps are lifted with thorough precision and correction of the number is done by EX500 eximer laser machine.
It may take 10-12 minutes to perform this procedure.

Standard lasik surgery requires cutting a flap on your cornea using a sharp blade.
However it simply can’t compare to the precision and accuracy of a laser.
For a True – Blade free alternative, the wavelight FS 200 Femtosecond Laser comes in.
Now you can have an all laser procedure that delivers:

  • Greater precision
  • Enhanced predictability
  • Increased safety
  • Improved comfort
  • Complete control of the surgeon

We here at Cure Sight Laser Center have unique laser system for your eyes, the worlds best REFRACTIVE SUITE ALCON USA, US FDA approved. One of its kind technology – the Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser and Wavelight FS200.
One of the most advanced laser system available, the Wavelight EX500 Laser is trusted by surgeons all over the world to deliver consistent results:

  • Smooth treatments
  • High level of comfort
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Proven safety
  • Multiple treatment options

We know that no two eyes are alike – so why should your treatment be any different?
By “mapping” the unique shape of your eye, the Wavelight EX500 Laser allows your surgeon to perform an individual Laser Vision Correction treatment just for you.
The result…??
Vision that’s as clear and crisp as you might have expected.

World’s fastest Femtosecond Laser Wavelight(R) FS-200 (ALCON):

  • Wavelight® FS200 FEMTOSECOND LASER the fastest flap creation laser platform in the world, with which we are able to conduct Bladeless lasik / all laser lasik procedures
  • Its unique treatment speed of approximately 6.0 seconds for a standard flap results in :
    • A minimization of increased intraocular pressure time
    • Less stress and increased comfort for the patient
  • Enhanced OBL Management

Benefits of blade – free OptiLasik :

  • It gives the opportunity of improving your vision to higher standard than is achievable with glasses or standard treatment. More patients achieve 20:20 or better vision with this technology.
  • Better flap of even thickness with no chances of free cap or button hole.
  • It gives consistent and thinner flaps, leaving the maximum possible structural strength of the eye, long term safely is improved.
  • Very predictable flap thickness +/- 5µ of intended target time after time.
  • Ability to create thin flaps of 80,90 or 100µ , Consistently and repeatedly or as thick as 200µ.
  • Less induction of astigmatism.
  • Smooth flap interface will reduce higher order aberrations(HOA.)
  • Better preservation of corneal sensitivity.
  • Fully customize the size, shape, location and depth of cuts.
  • Superior, nasal and temporal hinges.
  • Larger reproducible flaps for hyperopic ablation patterns.
  • Round and elliptical flaps with ability to decentre flap after suction is applied and also tailor the edge of the flap design.

Highlights of the refractive suite:
World’s Fastest Excimer Laser Machine Wavelight(R) EX 500 (Alcon):

  • It is the fastest Excimer Laser platform in the world; it corrects 1D in 1.40 seconds only.
  • It is the only Excimer Laser of 500Hz which is US FDA approved, including Wavefront procedures.
  • It has Ultra thin Gaussian Laser beam of 0.68 mm spot size.
  • It has largest range of patient – specific treatment possibilities including: Wavefront, Wavefront Optimized, Topo guided & Custom – QTM software.
  • It has Non-contact online Pachymetry measurement program.
  • It has on line slit lamp examination system.
  • It has 6 – Sigma Multi dimensional 1050 Hz Eye tracker with 2 milliseconds latency time, which is fastest in the world.
  • It has Neuro Cyclotorsion Program.
  • It has Wave net program.
  • It has Video visualisation of procedure on line.

We can treat the eyes having:

  • Myopia: (Near Sightedness)
    -1.00 D Sph. To – 15.00 D Sph.
  • Hyperopia: (Far Sightedness)
    + 1.00 D Sph To + 6.00 D Sph
  • Astigmatism: (cylindrical numbers)
    ± 1.00 D Cyl. To ± 6.00 D Cyl.
  • By Laser Vision Correction, the numbers of patient above -15D sph and thin cornea we have surgical options like
    • Refractive lens exchange
    • ICL implantation
    • Multifocal IOL implantation