Leading Eye Surgeon For Refractive surgery in India - Dr. Parimal Desai

Mission / Motto / Aim

Cure Sight Laser Centre is the most leading Eye Laser Centre for refractive surgery in the country. It is situated in the heart of Ahmedabad city at Parimal Garden Crossroads.

It has the ambience and facilities of international standards spread over 10000 sq. ft. area. It has a spacious waiting lounge, multiple well equipped consulting rooms and state of the art operation theatre complex with best of the best equipments in the world along with counselling rooms and seminar hall.

The team of doctors headed by Dr. Parimal Desai, Dr. Arun Bhade, Dr. Ashish Bhojak, Dr. Jignesh patel along with a team of associate doctors have performed one of the highest number of laser refractive surgeries in the country and probably one of the highest in the world by Lasik Laser, Wavefront and Blade-free OptiLasik™ method.

CSLC is equipped with the world’s most modern, technically perfect and the fastest set of Lasers THE REFRACTIVE SUITE – ALCON (USA), US FDA approved.

Our patient list consists of eminent doctors around the country, Software Engineers, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Pilots, Students, Sports Personnel, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, IPS Officers, IAS Officers, Models, Chartered Accountants, Girls Of marriageable age, Businessmen, Police Officers, Army And Navy Personnel, etc.

We get patients from all over India as well as 80 countries around the world for Laser Refractive Surgery. We have performed Lasik Laser/Wavefront/Femto Second Laser procedures on thousands of NRI patients and foreign nationals from around the world.

Dr. Parimal Desai and his team has the credit of establishing the first Eye Laser Centre in Gujarat.

He along with his team have received many prestigious awards:

  • Pioneer in refractive surgery award by Lasik institute at Orlando , USA in 1999
  • B.N. Mehta oration award by Ahmedabad Medical association in 2000
  • P N Ganatra rotating trophy as the best eye surgeon by the Gujarat state branch of IMA in 2001
  • Dr. P. R. Trivedi oration by Gujarat State Branch of IMA in the year 2009-2010

CSLC is equipped with the World’s most modern, technically perfect and the Fastest set of Lasers THE REFRACTIVE SUITE – ALCON (USA)

We have the worlds best REFRACTIVE SUITE ALCON USA, US FDA approved. The Refractive Suite consists of

  • World’s Fastest Excimer Laser of 500 Hz

    Wavelight® EX 500, ALCON (USA), US FDA approved. It corrects 1 D in 1.4 seconds only.

  • World’s Fastest Femtosecond Laser
    Wavelight® FS-200 ALCON (USA), US FDA approved by which we are able to conduct Blade-Free OptiLasik it creates standard corneal flap in 6 seconds only.

Highlights of the refractive suite

World’s Fastest Excimer Laser Machine Wavelight(R) EX 500 (Alcon):

  • It is the fastest Excimer Laser platform in the world; it corrects 1D in 1.40 seconds only.
  • It is the only Excimer Laser of 500Hz which is US FDA approved, including Wavefront procedures.
  • It has Ultra thin Gaussian Laser beam of 0.68 mm spot size.
  • It has Largest range of patient – specific treatment possibilities including: Wavefront, Wavefront Optimized, Topo guided & Custom – QTM software.
  • It has Non-contact online Pachymetry measurement program.
  • It has on line slit lamp examination system.
  • It has 6 – Sigma Multi dimensional 1050 Hz Eye tracker with 2 milliseconds latency time, which is fastest in the world.
  • It has Neuro Cyclotorsion Program.
  • It has Wave net program.
  • It has Video visualisation of procedure on line.
    World’s fastest Femtosecond Laser Wavelight(R) FS-200 (ALCON) :

  • Wavelight® FS200 FEMTOSECOND LASER the fastest flap creation laser platform in the world, with which we are able to conduct Bladeless lasik / all laser lasik procedures .
  • Its unique treatment speed of approximately 6.0 seconds for a standard flap results in :
    • A minimization of increased intraocular pressure time
    • Less stress and increased comfort for the patient
    • Enhanced OBL Management

Benefits of blade – free OptiLasik :

  • It gives the opportunity of improving your vision to higher standard than is achievable with glasses or standard treatment. More patients achieve 20:20 or better vision with this technology.
  • Better flap of even thickness with no chances of free cap or button hole.
  • Recommended for astronauts, army, navy, fighter pilots in the U.S.
  • It gives consistent and thinner flaps, leaving the maximum possible structural strength of the eye, long term safely is improved.
  • We can treat the eyes having:

    • Myopia: (Near Sightedness)
      -1.00 D Sph. To – 15.00 D Sph.
    • Hyperopia: (Far Sightedness)
      + 1.00 D Sph To + 6.00 D Sph
    • Astigmatism: (cylindrical numbers)
      ± 1.00 D Cyl. To ± 6.00 D Cyl.
    • By Laser Vision Correction, the numbers of patient above -15D sph and thin cornea we have surgical options like
      • Refractive lens exchange
      • ICL implantation
      • Multifocal IOL implantation
    • By Laser Vision Correction
        We Perform Laser Vision Correction By:

      • Bladeless OptiLasik
      • PRK
      • Lasik Laser
      • Wavefront method
      • Tissue saving method
      • Lepto Lasik method
      • EPI – Lasik method
      • F- Cat, T-Cat, Costume – Q, Topolink method

    We Treat:

    • Post R.K. & complicated refractive surgery cases by Lasik Laser method.

    We Perform:

    • Refractive lens exchange for patients having high numbers and thin cornea.
    • ICL implantation for numbers above -15 D Sph and thin cornea.
    • Multifocal IOL implantation for distant as well as near vision correction of the patient above 40 yrs of age.
    • CXL for Keratoconus, CXL + PRK in patients to correct refractive error along with Keratoconus.
    • INTACS implantation in patients having cylindrical numbers along with Keratoconus.
    • The numbers above -20 D with thin corneas are corrected at our centre by Bioptics i.e. ICL implantation along with Laser Vision Correction.
    • Reading glasses for the patients above the age of 40 years cannot be corrected by Lasik Laser procedure. It can be corrected by Multi Focal Lens Implantation.