Leading Eye Surgeon For Refractive surgery in India - Dr. Parimal Desai

Why Choose CSLC

CSLC Is The Number 1 laser Eye Center In India

No compromise with quality

  • We have set very high standards to perform laser refractive surgery.
  • We do not compromise in anything from Laser machine to consumables in the interest of patients.
  • We have the world’s best Refractive Suite Alcon,USA, US FDA approved. By which we are able to offer BladeFree OptiLasik and Wavefront options to our patients.

The centre for Multiple Treatment of Choice

Multiple surgery options are offered, which can suit your eye like

  • Blade Free Optilasik
  • Lasik Laser
  • Wavefornt method
  • Epi-Lasik, PRK method
  • Lepto Lasik
  • ICL implantation
  • Multifocal lens implantation
  • CXL for Keratoconus,
  • INTACS implantation

Assure the best prices

We have the best price for exactly the same treatment provided
elsewhere with best equipments.

And special considerations for poor and needy patients
No patient leaves our centre without treatment for the want of money.

Your safety our priority/concern

Refractive Suite is the safest LASIK laser platform in the world till date, it is incorporated with world’s fastest eye tracker which tracks down the slightest movement of the eye during surgery.

We have online Pachymetry to measure the thickness of the cornea during surgery that ensures tremendous safety to the patient’s eye during surgery.

We have neuro cyclotorsion programme due to which Laser delivery to the patients eye in supine position is bang on TARGET.

Assured guarantee for best results

We have the track record of giving the best result to our patients

No other laser centre can give better results than US . Our team of experienced doctors and dedicated staff helps us in obtaining the best results for our patients

Wide range of treatment

We can treat the eyes having:

  • Myopia: (Near Sightedness)
    -1.00 D Sph. To – 15.00 D Sph.
  • Hyperopia: (Far Sightedness)
    + 1.00 D Sph To + 6.00 D Sph
  • Astigmatism: (cylindrical numbers)
    ± 1.00 D Cyl. To ± 6.00 D Cyl.
  • By Laser Vision Correction, the numbers of patient above -15D sph and thin cornea we have surgical options like
    • Refractive lens exchange
    • ICL implantation
    • Multifocal IOL implantation

Most experienced doctors/MEDICAL TEAM

Ours is the most experienced team of doctors in the country, headed by Dr Parimal Desai.
We have performed one of the highest laser vision corrections in india and world.

Our team has performed more than 1,00,000 laser vision corrections within a span of 19 years by lasik laser, wavefront, blade free procedure, PRK, EPI lasik methods.

We can tackle any complicated case with our years of experience.

Prime location of the clinic

We are located in the heart of Ahmedabad city , opposite PARIMAL GARDEN, Ellisbridge ,Gujarat, India ,

It is easily accessible by car, bus, auto or any other means of transportation.

Worlds best technology

THE POLICY of our team is to invest and provide the best technology in the world, in the interest of patient’s eye.

We have the worlds best REFRACTIVE SUITE ALCON USA, US FDA approved. The Refractive Suite consists of

  • World’s Fastest Excimer Laser of 500 Hz

    Wavelight® EX 500, ALCON (USA), US FDA approved. It corrects 1 D in 1.4 seconds only.

  • World’s Fastest Femtosecond Laser
    Wavelight® FS-200 ALCON (USA), US FDA approved by which we are able to conduct Blade-Free OptiLasik it creates standard corneal flap in 6 seconds only.

Life time after care guarantee

We have a system of life time after care for
your eyes after laser vision correction

Always at your service

24 x 7 mobile lines & doctor available
even at night to answer your query.

We provide you the best treatment in the world by the team of most experienced doctors , in a friendly environment , with state of the art infrastructure at affordable price and with the best equipments
in the world… That’s why we’re No 1!!